Andy + Lauren get Engaged! ~ Proposal + Engagement Portraits ~ Forsyth Park ~ Savannah, Ga


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He was waiting for just the right moment. He’d been planning it for months, and I was in on the secret. It was already a surprise when Andy essentially kidnapped Lauren, not telling her where they were going and only instructing her to pack her favorite outfits. So off they went from Clearwater, FL on Valentine’s Day morning for a long drive to sweet Savannah, where he first surprised Lauren with a spa session. As he walked her through Forsyth Park, and into the cafe to greet me, she honestly had a slight look of bewildered terror. And who could blame her not knowing anything that was coming next! So we began our “portrait session”, and as she relaxed into the time we spent together, we made our way around Forsyth Park and to the ever-famous fountain. There, well, that’s when he kissed her, asked if she wanted to try a different pose, and he dropped to one knee. Seriously, y’all, I was still photographing, but I was crying tears of happiness watching this moment unfold in front of me. And the whole of Forsyth Park, but it honestly felt like there was nothing else going on and nobody else around! And I’m pretty sure Lauren and Andy felt that way. So after a few little touch-ups – Lauren’s makeup, not mine – and a quick outfit change, we headed off to photograph their engagement session, complete with details of chalkboards, and of course, that gorgeous new ring! What an incredible start to an amazing Valentine’s weekend getaway in sweet Southern Savannah! Congratulations, Andy and Lauren!

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