Kristin’s Thanksgiving Family Portraits | Hollis Gardens | Lakeland, Fl



Just about a month ago, I met this girl. And y’all, she has my heart. Lucky for both of us, we found out we live pretty near to each other, so she was just dying to get her family in front of our camera! Thankfully, most of her family was already together for an early Thanksgiving holiday, so we took advantage of the opportunity, and met in the middle at Hollis Gardens in Lakeland. Kristin’s husband is truly a country boy at heart, so we packed up and headed over to a random field. They are seriously just the best! Now, I am a sucker for morning light, but y’all, it couldn’t have been any prettier! Take a peek at Kristin’s super fun family photo session!

  1. Rhiannon Banda

    December 3rd, 2015 at 4:44 pm

    Oh goodness these are SO lovely. WInny, you’re a babe and I love you! Heather, you’re amazing.

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