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When your first engagement session gets rained out, you reschedule for an even more awesome time and location. So that’s what we did for Ashley and Cody, and these two could not have been any more gorgeous, loving, or joyful. The way he looks at her, the way she just falls into his arms and soaks up all that tender goodness . . . y’all, it was truly magical. The morning light, the Vernon River, perfectly manicured private garden . . . Two of the best parts from their session were the super old Oak trees on the property – one of them is reported to be the second oldest Oak in Georgia! – and Ashley’s rings. The diamond in her engagement ring has been in the family for generations, the amber ring was a gift from Mexico that her parents brought back, and the wedding band is also a family heirloom! Everything with Ashley and Cody points back to their families and the love that they will continue to their own family one day.

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