Jennie + Brett | Tybee Island Wedding Chapel | Savannah, Ga Wedding


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Technology brought them together. A brewery sealed the deal. Brett had it all planned out in advance. They often visited the Lost Rhino brewery near Washington, DC, and like many other occasions, met there one day after work. A new employee said he needed to give a practice tour, so Jennie readily agreed, and off they went. At one point, Brett asked the employee to take a picture of them, handed her a bottle, and as she looked from its label that read “Will You Marry Me?” then to Brett, she saw that he was on one knee. The employee, by the way, happened to be one of the brewery’s managers! They had more of the exact same labels made up and brought with them to Tybee Island to share with friends and family where they said their I Do’s on a warm, summer day. Jennie honored both her and Brett’s grandparents who have already passed by printing sweet little token images they carried throughout the day; Jennie on her bouquet, and Brett (as a gift from Jennie) inside his suit jacket. She wore her grandmother’s bracelet, and his tie was made out of material from Jennie’s wedding gown. The reception was kept lively and moving by a live band from Atlanta, called Creativity, all the way up until the grand sparkler exit which led the newlyweds to their getaway car: the ever-beautiful classic Packard provided by Timeless Motor Coaches. Jennie and Brett wanted a timeless, Southern wedding to bring their two families together, and it was an absolutely beautiful day to begin their married life!

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 Venue | Tybee Island Wedding Chapel

Planner | House of Pata

Florist | Emily Burton Designs

Cake | Baker’s Pride

Catering | J. Thomas

Hair | Posh Hair by Lindsay

Makeup | Emily’s Skincare

Wedding Gown | J. Andrews Bridal

Gown Designer | Paloma Blanca

Live Band | Creativity

Brewery | The Lost Rhino

Engagement Ring + Wedding Band | Custom Design by Carroll’s Jewelers

Get Away Car | Timeless MotorCoaches

Photography | Norm + Heather; Heather Kline Photography

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