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They ran in the same circles at church. They both volunteered in the nursery. But one day, the nursery coordinator asked Jessica to work the shift with Nolan, instead of another one, and they’ve been inseparable ever since. She found his sense of humor wonderfully funny – everything he said and did tickled her to pieces. Even if everyone else didn’t think it was all that funny. But it was at the feast day of the Holy Family while she was visiting his family during Christmas that she knew God meant for them to marry. He proposed on New Year’s at their church, saying he needed to stop in for a moment before they went off to dinner that evening. The parish social hall was lit full of candles, and a CD he’d made her at Christmas was playing in the background. Dinner turned out to be there in the hall, where they danced, talked, and enjoyed his home-cooked meal. When he returned from the kitchen with champagne refills, he had his mom’s ring to propose with. And so they began planning the big day, knowing that family was  second only to their faith, with so many family heirloom and symbols representing their faith present on the wedding day. The owner of Colonial House of Flowers, who designed the bouquets and centerpieces at the direction of the bride with her favorite colors, are actually personal friends with Nolan, whose children he “nannied” a few years back, earning him the nickname “Man-ny”. One of my favorite surprises was discovering the engraving on the inside of Nolan’s wedding band, which read “Put me on and let’s become saints”. What a great reminder of the mission of marriage that God gives to a bride and groom whose union represent Christ and His Church to the entire world! I just loved it! Their ceremony was just perfect; held in the absolutely gorgeous Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, with three Fathers who are very special to the couple officiating. And even though we had some afternoon sprinkles, it held off long enough to take the newlyweds outside again to a nearby park for even more photos before the lively and jumping reception – with one of the Fathers even getting out on the dance floor! So much faith, fun, and love!

07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0001 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0002 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0003 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0004 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0005 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0006 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0007 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0008 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0009 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0010 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0011 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0012 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0013 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0014 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0015 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0016 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0017 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0018 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0019 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0020 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0021 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0022 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0023 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0024 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0025 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0026 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0027 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0028 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0029


07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0030 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0031 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0032

The way these two love each other is so clear, so pure and genuine; I had to share their thoughts with you!

From Nolan : “I love her faith and how she so purely and beautifully loves the Lord. She is always helping to remind me to pray each day and always in a loving way that shows she is wanting to help me be more holy. There was no one single “aha!” moment but I think what helped me to know the most was all of her passions (faith, children, family, charity) combined together along with such a great ability to make me laugh on top of her being such a wonderful person!”

From Jessica : “I love how fun-loving and genuine Nolan is. He makes me laugh constantly, and I can relax and just exist with him. He makes me want to be the best version of myself. He challenges me to grow in my relationship with Christ, and he seeks what is good for my soul. He balances out my more neurotic tendencies and reminds me that not everything needs to be a do-or-die situation. I don’t know how I got by without him! He loves me so well.

07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0033 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0034 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0035 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0037 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0038 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0039 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0040 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0041 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0042 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0043 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0044 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0045 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0046 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0047 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0048 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0049 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0050 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0051 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0052 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0053 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0054 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0055 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0056 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0057 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0058 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0059 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0060 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0061 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0062 07.16.16SavannahStJohnBaptistSummerWedding0063

Preparations | Hilton Savannah DeSoto

Ceremony | Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

Catering |Hilton Savannah DeSoto

Florist | Colonial House of Flowers

Bridal Gown Boutique | Frills by Scott

Hair + Makeup | Beyond Beautiful by Heather

DJ | The Sound Guy

Photography | Heather + Norm, Heather Kline Photography

  1. Chrsity

    August 5th, 2016 at 8:07 pm

    Crying! Your pictures capture it so perfectly. Love this couple so much. Sooo much. Our whole team is here looking at work. Breathtaking.

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