Courtney + Nick | Washington, D.C. Engagement Photography


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Y’all, I can’t tell you how stinking excited I was when Courtney said she wanted us to photograph their engagement session in Washington, D.C. I mean, how many couples get to go back to their own engagement city to photograph someone else’s engagement session?! Nick even proposed on New Year’s like Norm did! It was so awesome! We started out in the morning at the Lincoln Memorial with some of the yummiest morning light ever, and even though it was blazing hot, Courtney and Nick laughed and teased, and just had a truly great time as we walked the National Mall to a couple of hidden gardens near the Smithsonian Castle before taking a quick jaunt over to Georgetown for a bit more relaxed, casual photos before brunch. And that’s the best part of the engagement session – when we get to spend that time together, sharing an Uber ride, sharing stories and laughing together, and getting to really know each other in person so much better throughout the session and then over delicious brunch fare. And it’s why we love photographing engagement sessions for our bridal couples, and why we are so willing to come to you – instead of making you have to travel (since you’re the ones who are getting all guessied up!). I am so excited to share these images with y’all, and I’m thinking another trek up to DC may be in order when the weather is a bit cooler!! Anyone else up for a destination engagement session? 😉

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