Amy + Gordon | Historic Savannah Engagement Session


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She was a firmly rooted Iowa-girl, and his family moved around a lot – even all the way to New Zealand! But they met in 4th grade, and after a lot of moving around, Gordon’s family came back to Iowa. And he came back to Amy. They have last names that sat them right next to each other in high school grammar, and after two years of being friends, they became high school sweethearts in junior year. The rest is history. So why an engagement session in Savannah? That’s where he proposed! Amy always said she wanted to visit, so Gordon figured that would be the perfect opportunity. During a carriage ride, they stopped over at Columbia Square to throw a coin in the fountain for good luck – at the suggestion of the carriage driver – and when Amy turned around, Gordon was on one knee presenting her with an absolutely beautiful ring!¬†They are a perfect yin-yang match, proving that opposites do attract; Gordon is enamored with her fun-loving adventurous nature which can get him to do just about anything she has in mind, and Amy is smitten with his passionate and intuitive nature that drives him to care so deeply and thoughtfully about others. They will tie the knot back in their hometown in Iowa in a beautiful church with a simple elegance that will surely showcase the beauty of their natures and spirits as they begin this new adventure together! Congratulations, Amy + Gordon!

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