Colleen + Adam | Skidaway Island, Ga | Engagement Session


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They met through friends one night at SCU, and after a Spring Break trip to Puerto Rico one year with all of their friends, they from that point were inseparable. But because these two are so laid back and easy going they didn’t feel the need for titles, it wasn’t an “official” relationship until Adam off-handedly introduced Colleen one day as his girlfriend. When she didn’t get upset, and went along with it, that became the beginning point of a lively, fun, and spontaneous relationship that Adam and Colleen have fostered over the past years together. So it was perfect when we got together and Colleen appeared in a free-skirted Bohemian sundress paired with the cutest little suede booties, along with their two fun and crazy puppies and off we went for a whirlwind of an afternoon together of adventure and laughter. Since Adam and Colleen often take their dogs over to Skidaway Island State Park for an afternoon of fun, we made sure to take a trip out there, complete with jerseys from their alma mater. Congratulations to these two, who will be marrying in May of 2017!

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