Tara + Christian are Engaged! | Jekyll Island Hotel | Jekyll Island, GA


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She may call him McDreamy, but everyone else calls him Christian. They met during their final doctoral work, and within just the first couple of months, Tara was head over heels. Christian was pretty  much in the same boat, because when they weren’t together, he absolutely missed her! And her bubbly, lively spirit is the perfect counterpoint to his level-headed, rational nature. It’s that balance that makes them complete, happy and content in who they are, enjoying their adventures together, whether they are watching Netflix on the couch together, or chasing their Golden Retriever, Sadie, down the beach as she escapes from them! And speaking of adventure, y’all, seriously, we had quite the adventure together for their engagement session! Just as we were meeting and about to begin photographing, the rain came. Oh, did it ever come down. Thankfully, Tara’s parents and Norm were in tow with plenty of umbrellas to protect the couple! We went ahead and did what we thought we could, and kept looking at the radar – it looked like a terrible band of rain was about to drench us, and then, as if God answered our prayers on a dime, the clouds parted, and the sun shined through. No joke! So we continued, adding in cute little Sadie who is so well-behaved, and then we ran over to the beach, letting the couple’s more capricious personality to emerge. It was a lovely time together, and I am so excited for their wedding next year – exactly one year and one day away!! – at Red Gate Farms in Savannah!

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