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Being from the South and from a long line of Southerners, our New  Year’s traditional dinner is pretty important. There are all kinds of stories about why we eat what we do, and how it’s going to bring us good luck and good fortune in the year to come in both our personal and business […]

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What you think will happen: In the romance-drenched movie in your mind, you envision dusk falling way to starlight gradually with each choreographed movement of your wedding day. Guests arrive and take their seats, perusing the program (which they can still see clearly in the natural light) and watching as the wedding party walks down […]

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A lot of these are things I used to believe about wedding photographers before I joined this industry family. A lot of these are ones I can almost see people thinking when I meet them for the first time and I tell them what I do for a living. But what stands out the most […]

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I absolutely love that space between Christmas and New Year’s where everything feels like it’s in limbo, but you know it’s all about to take off with a push of momentum. It kind of feels like that dream-like space between awake and asleep – you know, that space where Never Never Land exists? It’s my […]

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Oh my gosh, the day finally arrived! Let me tell you, there was a ton of work that went into preparing for this to get everything ready – by everyone in the office building, too! And this past Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day to have everyone visit us in the Florida Heritage Building in Dade […]